ToughGuard NW
ToughGuard NW

How You Apply

Applying ToughGuard® productions is not much more involved than the normal way you have been waxing and detailing your vehicle.


First:   Thoroughly wash your vehicle with a strong detergent. Make sure all loose dirt, bug juice, road tar, grime and grease is removed.

Second:   Wash your vehicle with the ToughGuard® Step 1 wash. This is a Polarizing wash that microscopically deep cleans the pores of the surface while setting a positive (Cationic) charge. The wash will remove any remaining wax or contaminants. Rinse and allow the surface to dry for step two.

Third:   Apply the Step 2 ToughGuard® Nano-Polymer coating. This is a “cream” similar to a cream wax. The application requires only a thin film and a little of the product will go a long way. You can apply by using a clean lightly water dampened applicator pad or buffing wheel. Let the coating dry for about 1 hour. This will allow ToughGuard® to setup and bond with the surface. It will haze over very similar to your conventional wax product. Remove the haze by hand using a clean microfiber cloth or polishing wheel.

Optional Step:   Repeat step three. This is optional but important because a second coat will deepen the shine and ensure durability. One 4 oz. ToughGuard® surface coating kit will cover your car or SUV 3-4 times. So, you could treat your vehicle twice or two vehicles once. A larger vehicle such as a Sprinter or Transit van will require just short of one 4oz kit. Remember, a little of the product will go a long way.


TOUGHGUARD® products are all made in the USA



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ToughGuard Facts:

Five Year Guarantee — HR ToughGuard® offers a five year warranty insured and underwritten by an A+ BBB rated insurance company.  You will not find any “small print” exceptions in our guarantee. A one-time application by a certified installer is guaranteed to ensure our customers with an impressive, long lasting and protected coating for at least five years.

ToughGuard® is the leading surface protectant in the commercial airline industry.

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TOUGHGUARD® products are all made in the USA

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