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Preserve that “show-room shine” while protecting your investment with ToughGuard®’s proven Nanoscience Polymer technology.

TOUGHGUARD®’s surface protection system is the finest available! When it comes to your daily driver, recreational vehicle (RV), motorcycle, ski boat or ATV/UTV you want it to look sharp, you want it to hold value, but mainly you want to use it. The time and effort you dedicate to cleaning and polishing means less time out on the open road having fun. TOUGHGUARD®’s Nano-Polymer formula delivers one and done long lasting protection from environmentally harmful elements such as damaging UV rays from the sun, rain erosion, water spotting, abrasive/corrosive materials, caustic chemicals, insect etching and bird droppings – elements that render all other products ineffective within months or even weeks after application. This is where TOUGHGUARD® products excel and outperform the competition with a 5 year application guarantee. TOUGHGUARD®’s distinct advantage and superiority comes from the exclusive proprietary nano-Polymer formulations that are truly unique in composition – validated by consistent performance and persistent durability. For Mercedes, Freightliner and Dodge Sprinter owners, it is even more important that you use TOUGHGUARD® products! The factory paint that is applied to your van or RV does not have a clear coat finish over it. So paint break down and chalking begins almost immediately. The early T1N Sprinter owners know exactly what we are talking about!

TOUGHGUARD®’s Nano-Polymer Coating Protection Benefits:

Protect the Paint – TOUGHGUARD® protects the paints that current EPA regulations have forced manufacturers to use. While the new finishes look amazing, the paints are softer and less durable. TOUGHGUARD® Nano-Polymer technology is the perfect product to protect against the damaging environmental elements that degrade the painted surfaces of your vehicle, bike, boat, RV, or power sports equipment.

Protect the Chrome – TOUGHGUARD® protects against salt and other harmful minerals that will pit, etch, and corrode unprotected surfaces.

Protect the Poly-carbonate/Fiberglass – TOUGHGUARD® protects your RV, ATV/UTV, snowmobile or other fun toys against UV rays and water spots that affect body surfaces as well as blur Poly windshields and headlights. Dirt and grime just wash off!

TOUGHGUARD® provides value through performance – no other product on the market comes close.

Remember: TOUGHGUARD® Nano-Polymer is a paint surface protectant not a paint surface restoration product. To obtain optimum results, the painted surfaces must be properly prepped and the application guidelines must be followed. If your paint surface has the original factory shine and luster, then you're good to go..


TOUGHGUARD® products are all made in the USA

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ToughGuard Facts:

Five Year Guarantee — HR ToughGuard® offers a five year warranty insured and underwritten by an A+ BBB rated insurance company.  You will not find any “small print” exceptions in our guarantee. A one-time application by a certified installer is guaranteed to ensure our customers with an impressive, long lasting and protected coating for at least five years.

ToughGuard® is the leading surface protectant in the commercial airline industry.

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TOUGHGUARD® products are all made in the USA

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